Beuatiful Place to Visit in Indonesia

Indonesia is unquestionably a beautiful country with so many great places to visit. What you can do for a pleasure, it’s all here. Beach, mountain, the cultural and historical place to visit, it’s spread in the entire country. We have listed some beautiful places to visit in Indonesia, for your reference if planning to visit Indonesia.




Situated in the center of Java Island, Yogyakarta offers some historical and cultural places to visit. From a Borobudur and Prambanan temple, the famous Malioboro streets, and special foods at the side-street, or also known as “Angkringan”. Yogyakarta is one of the major tourist hubs in Indonesia due to its tourist attraction, culture, culinary, sightseeing place, history, culture, and any other uniqueness.


What to do: visit the temples, shop at Malioboro or Beringharjo, try Gudeg (special dish from Yogyakarta), visit Taman Sari (a water castle) and enjoy the sight of Kraton Yogyakarta (where the ruler of Yogyakarta live)





Two hours driving by car from Surabaya, it is a lovable city of Malang. There are so many things to do in Malang, either you travel alone, with friends or family. Oh, and it’s also been famous for its special apple: Apel Malang. The apples can be eaten as it is, or then being processed into a cracker, vinegar, and dodol


What to do: play with kids at Jatim Park, Batu Night Spectacular or Batu Secret Zoo, Hike the Mount of Semeru, watch the sunrise in Mount Bromo and discover the hidden lagoon of Sempu Island.



Suluban beach in Bali

All the things you are looking for to enjoy the life, it’s all been packed here. Beautiful beaches, great cultural shows, sightseeing of a breathtaking paddy-field scenery, or even night life, it’s all there. Packed  with tourists? Of course. It depends on how you enjoy Bali, together.


What to do: visit some great temples (Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, Pura Tanah Lot, Pura Uluwatu), enjoy the village life in Ubud, watch the Kecak Dance, and of course, sunbathing and watch the sunset at the beaches.




One of the most destined by the foreign tourist is its famous Gili Island, that’s been well-known with their beautiful underwater scenery. There’s another place you have to visit too, such as Rinjani for trekking, and Senggigi beach to watch the sunset.


What to do: sunbathing at the beaches, snorkeling or diving in the sea, try their famous chili pepper, join the Bau Nyale festival (fishing festival), hike up the Mount Rinjani, or get massaged by the local people.


Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat1

Some say it is the most beautiful diving spot in Indonesia, or even the world. Over 70% of coral’s species and more than a thousand species of coral fauna lives here. This place is definitely a heaven for those who love a marine life.

Raja Ampat2

What to do: diving, diving, and diving!

Raja Ampat3



Manado is the capital city of North Sulawesi. It is also called as Titunian, which means surrounded by hills and mountains. The most famous tourism spot, of course, is Bunaken for its beautiful underwater scenery.


What to do: diving and snorkeling around the Bunaken National Marine Park, trekking at Mount Mahawu, Minahasa highland tour, and Kali Waterfall tour.





The 3rd biggest city in Indonesia is Medan. It has a fantastic diversity of ethnics and cultures, from Chinese, Javanese, Batak, Indian, and much more. Medan also has some beautiful places to visit, such as Toba Lake, Tana Toraja, and much more.


What to do: visit Maimun Palace, try their Durian, swimming at Toba Lake, and trekking at the Samosir Island which located at the center of Toba Lake.




It just takes around 2 hours to reach Bandung from Jakarta. That’s why Bandung become a popular weekend destination for local tourist. With a fresh air, various types of thematic gardens, antique building, and a lot of factory outlet, become the reason they visit the capital of West Java.


What to do: Shop in factory outlet, enjoy the musical performance at Saung Angklung Udjo, enjoy the breathtaking scenery at Lembang, Tangkuban Perahu, and Kawah Putih.





Belitung is one of the most beautiful islands in the entire South East Asian, with a pristine white sand and turquoise sea, giant granite rock formation and great underwater ecosystem. The publication of “Laskar Pelangi” books (Rainbow Troops in English –red) makes the island become famous as a tourism destination.


What to do: Island hopping with and go snorkeling and diving (Leebong and Kepayang island), play in the beach (Tanjung Tinggi Beach, Tanjung Kelayang Beach, Sendang Beach, and another beautiful beach), cultural trips, and visiting Museum of Laskar Pelangi.


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