Brew Your Own Coffee Like a Real Barista

Do you want to show off to your friends with the coffee you brew just like those in the coffee shop? I can show you on how to brew your coffee like a real barista, with the simple tips below.

Buy a Fresh Bean

It’s best for you to buy a coffee bean that roasted within a few days. We know that oxygen and sunlight will degrade your coffee’s quality. So, based on this consideration, try to avoid buying from a store that doesn’t have a good quality packaging to keep its quality. Buy the bean in a high quality sealed packaging will be a better option.

Keep Your Coffee Bean Fresh


After buying a good quality bean, remember the rules: avoid oxygen and direct sunlight! If you have already opened the package, store the remaining beans into an airtight container, such as glass canning jar or ceramic storage with a rubber gasket. Some say you have to keep the been in the refrigerator. The experts say No! It will completely ruin your coffee’s quality because a roasted bean will take up the moisture, that it will degrade the coffee. The best way is

to keep it at a room temperature.

Grind Your Own Bean


One thing you have to know, the coffee will start to lose its quality right after being ground. On the other side, the best coffee should have served right after being ground. For your own satisfaction, you can use an expensive burr to get a finer coffee, although the electric grinder is also fine, though. The finer coffee you have, the more yield of flavor will become.

Choose Good Water


Avoid to use chlorinated tap water to brew your coffee, because it will ruin your coffee’s taste. The expert of coffee making told that you should use an activated charcoal/carbon on your tap water.

Don’t Use a Cheap Filter

If you are using a bargained price paper coffee filter, it will yield inferior coffee. It is better for you to look for an “oxygen-bleached” or dioxin-free paper. Or if you want the best yield coffee, why don’t you buy a gold-plated filter?

Don’t Skimp on the Coffee


The standard measure for a cup of coffee is 2 tablespoon of coffee for 6 – 8 ounce of a cup, or for a stronger coffee, 2 ¾ tablespoons of coffee for 8 ounces of a cup. Don’t use less coffee or hotter water to extract more cups per pound, cause it will tend to make your brews bitter.

Beware of the Heat


You should be aware of water temperature you use to brew your coffee because too hot water will make a bitter coffee. The experts suggested you brew it with 200 oC of water, or around 45 seconds off a full boil. The coffee taste itself will not last for too long. Reheating or prolonged holding will turn even bitter and foul tasting.

Keep Your Equipment Clean


Clean the bean storage and grinder regularly to remove any oil build up. You can use strong vinegar or a specialty coffee equipment to do this job.

The article above can be either use for a professional barista or for a daily home brewer. I hope you find it useful to brew your own coffee better.

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