Great Companies with Power Naps Habit

Some of the great companies from around the world has been realizing that many problems can be caused by sleep deprivation. Health risk, decreasing productivity may arise if their company has a lack of sleeping time. Based on that thinking, some company has been encouraging their staffs to sleep in their work time to anticipate this issue.


29 percent of workers in the US reported fall asleep in the middle of work or becoming very sleepy. Some research says that lack of sleep cost $63 billion each year in losing productivity. A 20- minutes power nap can boost alertness and improve your workers’ performance. Many companies have a strong commitment to keeping up their worker’s wellness and performance by giving allowance to take a nap during work time, if they need it.


Who Are They?


This unique approach has been implemented by Google, NASA, Facebook, Procter & Gamble, etc. Their objective? Of course, to increase the employee’s productivity. The place that they used is also unique. Its appearance was more like a sleek, shiny, capsule-looking chairs that functioned as a personal mobile bedroom for their workers. Taking 20 minutes away from noise and light and then napping may beneficially increase your worker’s mental health.


EnergyPod, A Personal Futuristic Napping Chair


The name of this device is EnergyPod, that has been developed by MetroNaps. This EnergyPod is looked like a futuristic airplane chair that ergonomically designed with privacy visor, to help block out sight and sounds from outside the world. This various kind of power nap chair is sold between USD 8,000 to USD13,000. Besides above names, some big companies like Cisco, Huffington Post , The Arizona Diamondback has also purchased this product for their workers.


Give Your Workers A Room for Napping


Another approach has been applied by Zappos, an online shoe retailer based in Las Vegas, Nevada. They provide a napping room in their headquarter that furnished with a couch, recliners, beanbag chair, and all of this are available 24/7. Nike has been doing the same action in their Portland headquarter. Their worker says that
taking a quick nap can help them to stay up to their task.

Pontiflex, a mobile app ad shop based in Brooklyn, switched their server room’s function into a napping room. This room is equipped with a small couch, plants, art, carpeting and a “soothing blue” paint on the walls. Their CEO, Zephrin Lasker believes by providing this napping room, it will help his workers to recharge and think more creatively. He’s also encouraging his staffs that didn’t frequently use this room by e-mailing them.


Why Are They Giving the Facilities?


By providing this facilities to their workers, this company believes that if their peoples are in their happiest condition and are feeling relaxed. Just because you’re feeling relaxed at work, doesn’t mean you’re not working hard, do you?

So, would you come to your boss and ask for this kind of facility also?

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