Basic Tips for a Better Communication Skills

People talk every day. They talk with their family, friends, colleagues, or even a stranger. It can be everyone. People talk to send their message verbally to their counterparts. If it isn’t delivered properly, it can be misleading and cause misunderstanding. So, it is important for people to understand how to communicate effectively.

When talking about effective communication, it is not only about speaking to the others and hear what they say as a respond. It is not only about conveying the information. Effective communication is more about how you listen to get a full understanding of what is being said and make other person feel heard and understood.


Besides exchanging information, the emotion and intention behind that information also had to be understood. It is a two-way street process. There are some tips that you can learn on how to increase your communication, as described in the list below.


Watch Your Body Language


Your body language will tell your attitude to your counterpart. Everybody may have a lot of business out there, but you don’t have to look over your smartphone when talking to somebody. They will give a bad impression to you, and might feel their speech wasn’t important to you.

It is also important for you to make an eye contact to whom you speak with. They will know that you’re engaged in the conversation and they have your attention.


Avoid Unnecessary Conversation Filler


People usually use an “umm” or “errr” between the sentences they are talking. It might be some kind of a habit to a person and you are doing it without even realize it. Now, if you have realized if you’re usually doing it, try to prevent it by being calm when talking, think what you are going to say next without using those “fillers”.


Small Talk


Sometimes an awkward silence arouses between you and a person you have just met. Why did it happen? Maybe because you, and your counterpart, are too afraid to ask something that might be too personal to them. Don’t worry, a “FORD” tips are always safe to start a small talk between both of you.

What is “FORD”? It is Family, Occupation, Recreation and Dream. As an example, you can start by asking “Are you married?”. This kind of question might turn your small talk into a good long conversation. And don’t forget to read their body language, in case they are not comfortable with your question.


Ask Question and Repeat for Confirmation


When you are in a long conversation, sometimes you might have misinterpretation to the message that your counterpart are trying to convey. You can ensure that you and they are in the same line by asking a question and repeat their last few words. It will show them that you are really paying attention to their speech, and also help to clarify their points.

You can try by asking, “So to clarify, you are going to buy me the ticket, aren’t you?”.  It will be also helpful to fill the awkward silence in between. Again, don’t forget to be engaged to their answer. Sometimes, to be interesting was way more important than be interesting.


Tailor Your Message Specifically


People talk about any kind of person in their life. It may be his/her parents, siblings, boss, co-workers, kids, spouse, etc. So, you have to adjust your talk based on whom you are speaking with. Of course, you can’t use a too technical thing to your spouse.

By this very fact, experts suggested keeping the person’s perspective in your own mind when you are trying to convey the message.


Up Your Empathy


Communication is a two-way street process, as I mentioned before. When your try to understand your counterpart’s point of view, you can reduce a difficulty and anxiety that may arise when trying to fully understand them.
Developing empathy will be very much helping for a better understanding, and to respond more effectively.


It is very easy to hear, but not all the person can really listen to a conversation. It needs so much effort. Try to learn and really listen. Be focus on what’s being said. Pay attention without even interrupting, make an eye contact. The point is you have to be an attentive listener. That’s the way to have an effective communication skill.

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