Be Impressive on Your First Day of Work

It is normal to be nervous on your first day of work. A bit of bad attitude will give a bad impression from everyone in the office. Unfortunately, most of the impression made on your very first days will affect your future career. This article will help you to make a good first impression at work.


Show Your Positive Attitude

A good enthusiasm to your work can show how happy you are for the new job. Everyone around you, either the boss, colleagues, or anyone within the organization will be happy also. Showing a positive attitude will make them comfy with you join the team.


Dress Professionally

Even the office has a flexible regulation on dressing at work, you have to be prepared for everything on your first day. You will never know whom are you going to meet on your first day. You are not expecting to meet an important client or a big boss with that casual t-shirt, aren’t you?

Show Your Team Spirit

By joining the team, you should think and act as a team member also. Get focus on the job, convey your idea in the meeting, and give respect to your co-workers. As a part of the team, the problem has to be solved together.


Remember Their Name

If you are bad with the names to recall, try to note their name together with their work desk. So, every time you want to call them, you just have to see the note to recall their name. Or, if you are not into this method, and you forget their name, just simply apologize and ask their name again.


Ask for Help

Nobody expect you to be able to finish all the job alone. Get your head down to earth, and simply ask for help if you are not sure on how to do the task. It is a better way rather than completed the task in a wrong way. That would be a waste of time.


Bring Your Own Notes

Write all the important things that have been told by your boss, colleagues or everyone in the office. It can be tutorials, rules, or important numbers that related to your job description. Nobody like to be asked the same question, they have tasks to be done, too. So, bring your notes and write.


Make a Good Initiative

The supervisor usually gives an easy task to their newbie as a warm-up task. If it happens to you, finish the task as best as you can, and report to him/her. Then, you will be ready for the next bigger task. Just ask for more assignments and don’t wait. The boss will happy to see how passionate you are with the job.


Stay Longer than Everyone

There is an unwritten rule in the office, that the newbie should come early and stay a little later. You will be looked go-getter and are into the job. Be flexible and dedicated for the first time to take your acknowledgment from the boss and colleagues.


Good Attendance Report

It is important not to absent on your first few weeks of work. Believe me, it will have a bad impression of yourself. You may have an emergency situation, or maybe sick, but try your best to be in the office for about a month, and you will not have a “love-letter” from HR Department.


Less Personal Business on Working Hour

Do not do your personal matters in the office, you will never know when the boss is sneaking a peek to your computer. You don’t want to get caught opening Facebook or Twitter with the office facility and during working hour, do you? Just keep the focus on your job. After 5 PM? It is all up to you.


Get Involve on After-Hour Activities

Your new office has a sports day? Join it! It will give you a chance to meet and get to know closer about the colleagues. And if you are invited for happy hours by the colleagues, just join and show your best attitude to get their respect.

Listen More and Carefully

As a newbie, you are not expected to know everything more than the senior colleagues. Listen, listen and listen rather than talking like you know it all. Once you have the moment to show your contribution, do your best to get it!


Choose Your Mentor

Once you have met a senior staff, consider to take him/her as your mentor. It can be good to advance your career, by taking their advice that has been successfully proven. Remember, it can be someone within or outside your department, depends on what skills you want to achieve.


Stay Organized

“Oh sorry Boss, I forget that”. That kind of words will spoil your reputation in your boss’ mind. To avoid that, try to keep on track for the meeting, tasks, projects or assignments. You can manage it by your Outlook application, or conventionally, by Post-It notes.


Keep Your Boss Informed

Everything that you have been done, inform your boss. Meet your boss frequently to build up a relationship and report your tasks. Ensure your boss knows that you are a hard-worker and has a very good initiative.


Entering the new office might be a hard challenge to anyone. You can face both of threads and opportunities, and you should have conquered it all. Those tips should help you on how to make a good first impression at work. And finally, don’t forget to keep calm and relax, stay open-minded, approach the team members, and do a great hard work.

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