Public Speaking: Impress Your Audience with This Tips

Living in a society means a lot of interaction with people. Mostly you are only talking to a person, and sometimes to a herd of people. Public speaking is  a big problem for the most people in the world. Nervous and afraid of making mistakes are the common reason why they hate it.

When working with a company, you have to gently face the situation because there is the necessity to speak in front of peoples. Let say present your project, brief your co-workers and meeting with the colleagues. That is the situation that forced you, like it or not, to speak to a lot of people.


Do not afraid, it all can be set. We have some tips to improve public speaking skills, that you can start right away because of its simplicity.

Prepare It Very Well


Preparation is one way to calm your nerve before going to the public speaking, and will be improving your speech’s quality also. Make sure you have planned what you are going to say.

The trick is, you need to intrigue your audience from the first time of your speech. You can start with an impressive data, headline or fact represent your topic and attractive to your audience.

When all the preparation is done, practice your speech out loud with a proper intonation and speed. Make sure every word you say is clear and not too fast that your audience will not get what you say.


Do the Mind-Training


Nervous is a number one enemy for all of the public speakers. Based on expert’s recommendation, you can try to train your mind before going to the stage.

How is that?

Try to picture in mind how your speech will change the world, or how useful your speech to someone’s life. It will give you a good opportunity instead of something to be nervous about.

Do not ever think about the negativity before a speech, as it will lower your confidence and increase the possibility to spoil what you have planned. And you will not achieve what you are truly capable of.


Engage with the Audience


When to speak in front of peoples, try to engage them and make them involved to your message. Pay attention to the way you speak. Make sure you are not nervous and talk too fast that makes your message wasn’t conveyed properly. Take your time to calm down before continue speaking.

One way to make a bonding with your audience is by making an eye contact. Try to not just look at his/her eyes, but try to read his emotion also. It will make a connection between your and the audiences.

Beware of Your Body Language


If you are nervous or doesn’t sure on what you are talking about, the audience will know from your body language. Try to avoid unnatural gestures. You have to stand up straight, smile, make an eye contact and control your nerve.

To be looked more confident, you can try to speak while walking around the stage rather than behind the podium. This act will boost your movement and energy, and make you feel more passionate and active.

Record Your Speeches


Practice makes perfect. Learn from your mistakes. Use that motto to improve your public speaking skills. One of those methods is recording your speech, and analyze your weakness. You may find what you are good at, and more importantly, what you have to improve.

Pay attention to your intonation, emotion, gestures and anything that you can improve. Then, you have to practice again, focusing on what aspect to be improved. If needed, you can invite your friends for practicing and give advice to you.


After reading the tips, you can conclude the main point: Practice. Repeat your practice to have the best result. Good luck for your speech, oration, presentation or anything.

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