A Happier Workspace for Happier Workers

Most of the people spent one-third of their day at the office. Some may think it as a torture, but some others may feel it as their playground. For this kind of people, they have already found what makes them happy on their work. Being happy at work is always seem easy, but it is not impossible. Here are some tips to make your workday happier.

Set daily goals


Sometimes, it is hard for you to feel like you are making a progress on the project, by some interruption of emails, phone calls, meeting, a sudden task from the boss, and another priority.

You can set small must-be-done tasks per day, that in line with your project.  By the time you finish it, cross them off the list. With this kind of work, you can remind yourself on how you are making progress of the project you are doing.

Avoid the negativity at your workplace

HiRes21Negativity, gossip and complaining coworkers will drain your energy and spirit, no matter how happy you are at a workplace. This is very common in all office, and unfortunately, it is non-avoidable.

What you can do is simple: stay away from the personally, but keep in touch professionally. You cannot mix your personal feeling with a professional life.

Befriend with a positive, collegial and supportive coworkers. Or may be better if you could be that person. It may also surprisingly boost your career acceleration.

Make Your Own-Designed Workspace


You are spending so much time in your office, so it would be normal if you want a workspace that makes you feel comfortable, relaxed, and reflective of you. Don’t forget to keep it simple, because an over-clattered workspace could be also your distraction.

Put a family portrait of yours beside the monitor, set your favorite action figure on your cubicle, a some other simple decoration that you could apply on your workspace.

Own Your Own Professional Development

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Professional development will be helped for you to feel connected to your career and grow as a professional. Listen to your boss’ advice, but you have to be the leader of your own path. Keep focusing on the career track that you have planned, rather the place where you are now. Take a gradual step each day that advances you toward your goal.

Be a future-oriented person


A few bad days of work will not felt so bad if you have a solid long-term plan. As it still fits on your track, it is still okay, though. Be engaged with the present, but don’t forget to look at the big picture.


Life could be stressful somehow. You can choose to follow the flow that could let you down, or strive for your own goals. You choose. Set a happy workspace, be a happier worker.


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