How to Drive Efficiently

There are some tips for you guys on how to drive your vehicle efficiently. Most of the tips provided here are related to your driving habit. Please check the list below to help to reduce the greenhouse emission gases, right from your wheel!

Avoid aggressive driving

When in a rush, people drive aggressively. They push the throttle deeper and do the hard braking. What they’re doing just now can increase fuel consumption up to 40%, while it has no significant effect on your travel time. The greenhouse emission will also be increased by five times higher this kind of driving habit. The proper way to drive your car efficiently is by accelerating slowly and smoothly, then gets into higher gear as quickly as possible.



Drive Steadily at prohibited speed limits

Besides of breaking the law, high speeding can also raise your fuel consumption up to 20%. Driving steadily at 90 km/h will improve your gas mileage by 10 – 15% if compared to 105 km/h.




Avoid idling the vehicle

Idling the machine will get you nowhere and produces unnecessary greenhouse emission gases. Turn off your engine to minimize unnecessary combustion, and be sure to get your engine warm enough before driving to prevent stalling.




Ensure that your tires are properly inflated

Check your tire pressure for at least once in a month. Under-inflated tires can increase your fuel consumption by up to 6%. Check all the tire pressures at the station, and inflate the low tires at the same level as the others.



Use the right gear

Change the gears and into top gear as soon as possible without accelerating harder than necessary. Driving at lower gear than it should waste your fuel. Keep your engine running lighter to drive more efficiently.




Choose a proper octane fuel

Choose the most suitable fuel for your engine. The most expensive high-octane fuel might not be the best choice for your car. Higher price doesn’t guarantee a better performance, so doesn’t provide a better efficiency. Check your owner’s manual to see your fuel’s requirement.


Service your vehicle regularly

A poorly tuned engine can increase your fuel consumption by 50% and produce more emission than the one that tuned regularly.  Please follow your manufacturer’s recommendation on how many times you should tune your vehicle. Checking air filter and changing engine oil regularly might help your engine to run more efficiently.




So, that was some tips for me on how to drive your vehicle efficiently. I hope that it will help you to reduce your fuel mileage yet help to preserve our environment.

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