How to Save Your Electricity


Saving the electricity on your house means 2 things: stop global warming and save your money. Here are some simple tips that you can do to reduce your electricity bill yet save the earth, so please enjoy reading it.

Turn Off Unnecessary Light




It’s no use to use your bulb if the daylight already shining. Turn off unused bulb to reduce your electricity bill.

Turn Off the Water Tap When Used Idly


water from the tap


When shaving, washing hand or brush the teeth, people usually let the tap water flow in the middle of their activity. Turn off your tap water when they’re going idle, and you can reduce your water heater consumption.

Maintain your Air Conditioner




To keep a peak performance of your air conditioner, do the annual maintenance for at least a couple of hours. Just simply clean the fin, change the filter and lubricate the motor. Every 2 or years, call the technical service from your supplier to check its electrical parts and the refrigerant.

Turn Off Your Electronics




More than 70% of the electrical use of electronics appears when turned off. So if you want to save your money, unplug your electronics when unused, or plug them into a cable extension together and simply turn off its power

Use a Smart Metering



The function of this metering is tracking how much the electricity you have using. The device then uses that data to ensure the power grid do not overload and causing blackouts.

Maintain Your Refrigerator Regularly




The refrigerator in your kitchen uses more electricity other than the other appliances does. Clean the coils at least twice a year the keep it in good condition. It can improve its efficiency up to 50%. The other thing you can do is to prevent the door seal from wearing out. If it’s already wearing, it can lose the cold and the efficiency will go down. To test it, simply put a bill in the door and close it. If it’s easy to pull out, you should replace the seal.


So. that’s some tips for me on how to reduce your electricity consumption, I hope it will helpful for you.

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