8 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills

Communication is not only on how you convey the message to your friend, but it’s more like listening to get a full understanding of what’s being said and make the other person feel heard and understood. A good communication skill is needed by everyone, no matter what job you are in, or what role do you take in a community.

An effective communication, it is not about exchanging information only. To communicate effectively with another person, you have to understand their emotion and intention also. Basically, an effective communication is a two-way process

There are some tips you can do to improve your communication skills, check this one out.

Watch Your Body Language

It’s very important to respect your partner. Don’t look over the phone every minute. You maybe have a very important message, and can be following the conversation even though you are still staring at the phone, but it may disrespect the friend.

Stay away from your phone a while, make an eye contact with them, and try to read their body language also. It may give you a fully understanding on what they are trying to convey.

Avoid Using Unnecessary Filler

When trying to find a better way to deliver the message, people usually use unnecessary fillers such as umm or ah. If you want to be looked more professional, try to avoid them. By cutting them off, it will impress you as a more persuasive person and looked more confident.

Have a Small Talk

This kind of talk usually being used with a person you have just known. Try to use a FORD rule (Family, Occupation, Recreation, Family), it always succeeds. Gradually, after several small talks you do with a person, usually, it will move further to a conversation.

Ask Question and Repeat to Confirm

Sometimes, when you’re feeling unsure on what your friend talk about, you can ask a question and be repeating his/her last few word. It is important to show them that you were listening to them and also to clarify the points that could be misunderstood. As an example, “So to clarify, you are going to buy me the ticket, aren’t you?”

That thing will also help to fill an awkward silence between both of you. Try to ask a question like: “What are you going to do on the weekend?” Then, get engaged with their answer. Sometimes, to be interested was way more important than be interesting.

Put Away the Distraction

When having a discussion, especially with an elder or your superior, you should do something to respect them. One simple example is putting away your handphone between conversation. Don’t look at the phone all the time, got engaged in the conversation.

Customize Your Message to Your Audience

Everyday conversation can happen with you and anyone. You can’t choose the same style of talking to everyone. It should be different when speaking with an elder, a boss, a kid, or anyone else. So, you have to adjust your talk based on whom you are speaking with. Try to keep the person’s perspective in mind when you try to convey the message.

Up Your Empathy

Communication is a two-way street process. When you try to understand their point of view, you can reduce difficulty and anxiety that may arise when trying to fully understand them. Developing empathy in your talk helps to understand better, and to respond more effectively.

Really Listening

And this is the ultimate tips to have effective communications: to learn to really listen. Try to listen, not only hear, without even interrupting. By doing this, you may get their respect to you. Hopefully, the other person will be attentively listening to you too.


There are more ways to improve your communication skills. What I’ve explained above were just a few tips to have an effective communication between you and the others. I hope this would help you to improve yourself and then get what you’re aiming for: good communication skills.

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