The Evolution of Sony PlayStation

PlayStation has been established in the market for more than 20 years by now. At its first introducing, they could distract the domination of Nintendo at the late of the 80’s.  Now, PlayStation console turns the face of a video game with its incredible 3D graphics.

Over those 20 years, Sony turned their original PlayStation shape into sleeker, boxier artifact. From time to time, the controller has been changed too, as they refined its shape based on what consumers need. It’s interesting to follow how they innovate this home console game.




This is the first generation of Sony PlayStation. First introduced in 1994, up until its discontinuity, the game console has been sold for more than 102 million units in the entire world. This console used CD-ROM as its media.

At its initial introducing, the controller has no thumbstick in it, before the DualShock was released in 1997. Sony also had released the tiny version of PlayStation, it is PSOne.

The most sold game was Gran Turismo, which their 962 million copy of product has been sold.


Playstation 2

BTAGFW Playstation

Six years after the first PlayStation had released, Sony introduced PlayStation 2. From their entire existence, it has been sold for more than 155 million units and be the most successful home console in the world.

The media used for this console is DVD-ROM. The best selling game is GTA: San Andreas, that has been sold for more than 17.3 million copy.

This game console has a head-to-head competition Sega Dreamcast, XBox, and Nintendo GameCube.


Playstation 3


And 6 years after PlayStation 2, Sony released PlayStatioin 3. It was sold for more than 80 million units, with a 350 million games. The media that had been using is BD-ROM. The data capacity can be up to 500 GB.

Together with PlayStation 3 development, Sony also introduced PlayStation Network, with 110 registration and 2.5 billion has been downloaded over that time. This is the first console to introduce motion-sensing technology with a wireless controller.

The competition between Sony PlayStation 3 with Microsoft XBox 360 and Nintendo Wii warmed the market back then. In addition, the most sold game for the console is Grand Theft Auto V (15 million copy)

Playstation 4


And the latest version, it is PlayStation 4. This newest generation released in November 2013. It broke the record as the fastest selling console in history, by selling 1 million units in 24 hours! It has been using Blu-Ray as its media.

It also introduced PlayStation App, that allows integration between PlayStation 4 to be connected with smartphone and tablet as a second screen to enhance gameplay.

By incorporation share button technology, it allows to view in-game content for streaming to a friend, make it focusing on social gameplay.


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