How to Start Your New Bright Career

After giving some tips on how to be great on your first interview, I will share with you some tips on how to start a successful career in your new office. When beginning this new chapter in your life, you may think you need to know everything there is to know from the very first day. However, most employers realize that there is a learning curve for new employees — in particular, entry-level new graduates.

Join Your Alumni Association



The benefits of joining your Alumni Association is that you can discuss the career that you just stepped in with your alumni fellow. The Association must have a database that consists of professionals that have the same profession with you. Tell your seniors that you have already following their career path and you need some advice. Ask whatever it takes to be successful in this profession, what he/she has been done at first. You can go follow their advice, and don’t forget to say thanks in return.

Build a Strong Professional Network



Digitalized world made people easier to get connected with peoples with the same interest and profession. To build a strong professional network, you can start by joining some professional networking sites like  Go set an account, fill out your profile to be interesting and visible, and join the group discussion that relevant with your profession.

Connect to the Inner Circle of Your Profession



Join the local chapter of a professional association in your target job market and attend meetings whenever you can. You will get to know and be known by the best-connected and most committed people in your profession within your target geography.

Learn the Workplace Culture



Take the opportunity to observe your co-workers and supervisor, learn the unwritten rules of the workplace. Try to fit in with the culture. Does everyone arrive a half-hour early and stay at least a half-hour late? What is the protocol for requesting time off? Is there a formal procedure for logging out office supplies?

Being Great in Communicate



New graduates should be aware that the professional communications are usually more formal than that in college life.  You should suit your written and verbal communication with an appropriate level of formality. And if you need, you can consider taking a course in public speaking to increase your communication skills.

Stay Organized



Creating a to-do list and regularly using a calendar note can be very helpful things that you can do to stay organized in your new office. You can also set up reminders for important deadlines, tasks and meeting. Don’t forget to track your task progress to remind on your uncompleted tasks.


So, that was some tips from me on how to start your new career. I hope that you will have a great future career after reading this. 

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