The Most Downloaded Android Games

A countless number of smartphone-based games have been made in the past few years, but not all of those were downloaded that much since then. Some of the game has been downloaded over more than a hundred million times by people around the world, and amazingly, it doesn’t need such a great graphics to be the most downloaded Android games ever. It just needs a different idea of making a game. By reading the list below, you will find out with what I meant.


Plant vs Zombie


This game was started as a desktop PC games and later developed for Android platform. The games are about a bunch of zombies trying to invade a house that you have to protect. A unique protection by some defensive plants is provided for you to do the mission. The plants were able to shoot, freeze, or even making “money” for you to plant more plants. This game was downloaded for more than 50 million times for Android only, without even counting the PC desktop application.


Angry Birds


This game is not the most downloaded Android apps, but might be the most famous one. It is even made into an animation movie! Up until now, it has been downloaded for more than 100,000,000 times on Google Play Store. The game rule is simple: the birds are in danger due to the egg-stolen by evil pigs, and you have to stop this. You have to destroy the pig’s defense with the power that each bird has. Each bird has to be thrown by a catapult, so you have to use your logic skills to aim for the target.


Fruit Ninja Streets


Developed by Halfbrick Studios based in Brisbane, Australia, this game was downloaded for more than a hundred million times. One of the most addictive and successful casual game on Android. You just have to cut a thrown-fruit with your finger, and be careful not to slice the bomb or the game is over. Slice for a high score, uses the banana to gain more power and go crazy with the maximum effect of multi-slice Pomegranate.

Temple Run


“Run for Your Life” is the tagline of this game. This is literally true as you have to run and run from the evil spirits that go after you. Turn left or right, slide, jump, to avoid obstacles. Go as far as you can, because this game is endless until you’ve got fallen by the obstacles. This game has been downloaded over more than 100 million times! The farther you run, the higher points you will get. The highest score is 550,000,000!


Hill Climb Racing

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Some simple physics theories are included in this game, such as gravity, force, etc. The game’s download number reach more than 100 million hits! The gameplay: You have to drive any kind of vehicle as far as you can in a hilly field. The vehicles can be a car, motorcycle or even a moon hover, and the field itself vary from the grass, sand, rock or even the moon. All you have to do is handling the throttle and brake carefully, not to make the vehicle flip over or bump the driver into the obstacles.


Candy Crush Saga

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It’s the sweetest game around, said the developer, Limited. Downloaded for more than 500,000,000 times make this game might be the most downloaded Android game ever. Designed as a puzzle game, all you have to is to swipe candies in any direction to create a set of candies into a matching pair. It can be 3 candies in a set or more. It may be one of the most fun and addictive puzzle games.



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