Can You Afford This Most Expensive Food in the World?

Can you live without a food? I can’t. We can’t of course. But, in another part of the earth, some people eat some specific food not just to stay alive. They eat it with a pride! Why? Because of the price. It’s so expensive that you might not be able to buy it even with your salary in a year! What is that food I talked about? Check out for the list below: the most expensive food in the world!

Bluefin Otoro Sashimi

bluefin otoro sashimi

Where is this food coming from? Of course, you can guess from the name. Yes, it’s Japan. It’s a special dish in Tokyo, that has a large quantity of fish in it. Commonly, the fishes used for the dish is raised with a special treatment, which makes the best quality product. Although the look is not so impressive, the taste is very good. The price is estimated at $25.

Kobe Beef

Kobe Beef

There are 2 kinds of the most famous beef in the world: Wagyu and Kobe beef. Of this two, the Kobe beef was more expensive, that its price is almost $350 per dish. You can get this Kobe beef from a special type of cattle that has been raised with a special treatment, though. The flavor and texture of this beef are very tasty. Yummy!

Alba White Truffles

White truffle

White truffles are the most expensive truffle in the world, that commonly found in Italy. Its price normally set at 7,000 Euro per kg. This truffle mostly served along with the scrambled eggs. Don’t look at its appearances, it may lose your appetite although the flavor is very different with another truffle.

Coffin Bay King Oyster


In the past, Oyster was served and ate by the poor people. Nowadays, it has become an expensive and luxurious food. Oyster can be found in Japan and Australia. The price of each oyster is around $100. Wow!

Kopi Luwak


You might not want to taste this kind of coffee if I tell you on how to produce such coffee. Okay, you can search it through Google. Kopi Luwak is the most expensive coffee in the world, and it has a very rich flavor. The price? Don’t be surprised. It will cost you $3,000 for each kg of coffee. You can find this coffee from Indonesia, especially in Bali, Sumatra and Java.



It is a kind of spice that used for the medicine. The value itself is equivalent to the value of gold! You can buy Saffron for a thousand dollars per kilogram. The best saffron is coming from Iran, and it has a bright gold color.

Almas Caviar


You can’t talk about the most expensive food in the world without mentioning Caviar. The most rarely one might be coming from Persia, it is Almas caviar. It has a very light color, and it can give the best and beautiful taste to the whole dish. Its price might reach almost $25,000 per kg.

Brown-Lipped Abalone


The most expensive shellfish might be coming from China, it is Brown-Lipped Abalone. It is rated as the best seafood in the world, with the sweet taste and quite similar with Sushi. The look and presentation of this shellfish are very appealing also. If you want to make a dish from this Abalone, it can cost you over A$ 100 for a single frozen Brown-Lipped Abalone.

Foie Grass

FOie Grass

And the top of the list is filled with Foie Grass, a duck or goose liver that fatten by the force-feeding. The texture of this food is very smooth and soft. French are the biggest consumer of foie grass. Estimated price per pound is $50.


That was the most expensive food in the world of my version. So, after calculation, your annual salary, can you afford those dishes? What do you think?

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