Safety Tips for Solo Travelers

It’s very nice to go to a new place for a leisure. Some people to go in a group and some others prefer alone. Both of that are good, depends on which option  you are enjoying too. But, you have to pay more attention to your surround, as you go to a new place unfamiliar to you. Don’t expect you will be safely traveling to your destination. Here are the tips for you when going travel alone.


Be Prepare for a Trouble

Get prepared for anything worse, by leaving a copy of your identity at your home. The identity such as passport, visa, ID card, ATM, credit card, driver’s license, and other important documents. You should to this to anticipate some case like a pickpocket or anything that might lose your important documents.

Keep Your Bag in Front of You

Keep your belongings in sight. Even if you use a backpack, there are some cases that thieves open their backpack by a razor blade and pull out money, camera and phone with them noticing.

Don’t Get Distracted

One popular tactic of thieves to pick your stuff is by distracting your attention. They might make a chaotic or interesting situation while their friends start to steal your stuff. Be focused on everything you do.

Get to Know Some Useful Phrases in the Local Language

Knowing a few useful phrase may help you to do something important. You can try to search how the local people ask for the bathroom, or how to order the food, how to greet someone, and the most important, how to ask for help.

Keep Your Head Clear

When you get drunk, you might be in a danger when you are travelling alone. You need to be able to fully take care of yourself at all times.  That doesn’t mean you can’t drink even a shot of alcohol. Just make sure your head is always clear.

A Few Research for the Local Culture

Not everything you do at home is okay to do abroad. At such, you can be fined for chewing gum in Singapore. Do some research of your destination beforehand to keep yourself out of those sticky situations.

Blend with the Locals

To get some help if anything worst happen, you should blend with the local people as much as possible. Thieves will be targeting tourist if they seemed “like” a tourist, carrying maps everywhere, or a likes. Act assertive and make friends with the locals, try to seem familiar with the place.

Carry Your Hotel’s Business Card

There might be a possibility that you’re lost when discovering the new place, and you can’t even remember the place you stayed in. By carrying the hotel’s card, it will help you in such situation. Also, you don’t have to spell the name in the local language. Just hand in the card to the taxi driver and they will understand where to drop you.

Get to Know the Place You Should Avoid

Another thing you should know is where the area that’s safe for you. You can ask the hotel staff, and circle the area on your map. Try to memorize the name of the place before going there, so that you don’t have to look at the maps every minute.

Don’t Assume Your Hotel Room is Safe

Don’t ever leave your valuable stuff unprotected in the hotel room. Robbing can happen even in a hostel or five-star hotel. To keep your stuff safe, use the locker or safety box in your room, and ensure nobody knows the combination code.

Don’t Bring Anything You Wouldn’t Mind Losing

If you want to bring something like a branded bag, jewelry or anything you would be devastated to lose, think again. I suggest you to leave those at home because it’s too risky to bring them with you. Just bring anything you are nothing to lose about if anything worst happen.

Learn to Defend Yourself

The last tips do not only important for travelers but maybe for everyone. Crime can be happened anywhere, anytime. Taking a martial class will not only give you skills to defend yourself but will bring you confidence when travelling alone.


So, that’s some tips from me how to travel alone safely. To conclude those all, you have to prepare for the worst. You’ll be visiting somewhere new, where you don’t what might happen to you there.

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