How to Avoid Traffic Jam in Jakarta

For you who will come to Jakarta, maybe for a business or just travelling, you should be aware of this word: Traffic Jam. Us, the Jakartans, have been very familiar with this condition. A significant increment of vehicle volume, either motorcycle, private car or buses, were not supported by road growth itself. Added with the bad habit of driving by the vehicle user made the condition became worst day by day.




So, a foreigner like you should have been preparing very well for coming to our city, if you do not want to lose your business because of coming late for a client. I have some tips for you to avoid the traffic jam in Jakarta, so enjoy.


Use trains




Although we do not have any special trains like the other country have, like Shinkansen, Maglev or anything that can run on 200 km/hour, this is the only transportation mode with predictable travel time. If your business places located quite far from your resident, you can choose train if you want to go timely.

Choose hotel nearby from your business location

There are  so many  options for you to stay in Jakarta. Don’t waste your time for traffic. Choose a hotel nearby your business location, so can go for a walk there.




If possible, use Ojek

If you get stuck in a traffic jam, get out of your cab and call an Ojek. Ojek is a local motorcycle taxi, that usually stand on the street side. Or you can call them by using the mobile application, and they will come to you, wherever you’re waiting.




Spare some time for traffic

You have to meet your client at 10 am, and you stay 10 km away from there, you should spare at least 2 hours for the meeting. Don’t risk yourself, it is

better for you to come earlier than coming late. 10 minutes departure time differences mean so much!

Use your GPS mobile applications      




The last but not least, use technology. GPS will tell you the shortcuts to your destination, you can avoid the traffic jam.


So, that’s my tips for you on how to avoid a traffic jam in Jakarta. Hopefully, it will be helpful enough for you.

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